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Sound & Worship Ministry

Our mission is to share God's gifts with others requiring assistance with sound, and worship matters.  We provide sound man training, make equipment recommendations and will provide equipment when needed (based on availability)

A sound man is seldom noticed until something goes wrong.  This is the nature of the beast.  Some areas I can help in:   Call me it's FREE


  • The Pros and Cons of using digital vs analog mixers.  Basically if you are having trouble finding anyone to volunteer as soundman, analog is best because of its simplicity. 

  • How to train a soundman (because sound is relative)

  • Why does the mix sound mushy and not clean. 

  • Why it is important to keep singers no further than 2 inches from the microphone?

  • What is equalization? 

  • How to properly Equalize the stage for best performance?

  • What is compression and how does it work. 

  • Why compression really helps someone with a weak or strong voice. 

  • How do we properly set gain levels when there are many in the same path? 

  • How do I set EQ levels when several devices have EQs in the same path? 

  • Do the instruments have to be so loud, I can't hear myself sing.

  • How can I buy 4 wireless microphones for less than $400 that work good? 

  • Trouble shooting techniques that make for quick restoral of sound. 

  • Where do I place my speakers to prevent feedback and maintain phasing relationships between my main and sub woofers? 

  • How to minimize confusion when wiring up the stage to minimize down time

Christian ministries should feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.  

Why compression really helps someone with a weak or strong voice. 

On Easter Sunday 2017 - We were blessed to assist the Ohana Christian Church providing  additional channels to their sound system.  I also took this video of the service.

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