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BillyG's Web Designs

A professional website is an extension of your business card.  It's a 24/7 advertiser of your products and services.  It should look professional but most of all "maintainable".


The platform being used to build your website should be the best one available. Our platform used boasts at least 40 million websites built around the globe so it is a proven winner.

Benefits Include:

  • Millions of websites created and deployed around the world

  • Proven technology, voted as the best website building platform for 2017

    Note: I have spent some time testing other platforms and in my final analysis, I choose Wix .  Consequently, I've done the homework for you.


  • In many instances this platform uses a drag and drag and drop features in website.

We Specialize in Designing Live Websites


  • Your website is designed with a balance between its presentation, performance, and complexity.  While there are many bells and whistles available to enhance your website, we are careful in our design to not go overboard.

  • A website will be viewable on tablets, smartphones with as much information about your business as on the desktop view.

    Our smartphone view is actually more user-friendly than most because we are able to ensure clarity of content and responsiveness to the viewer.

  • Building a website is one thing but getting help when you need is another.   Troubleshooting why your website is not working well i.e. could be a result of many factors, both local and/or remote.  This is where the rubber meets the road.   Many aspired individual may be quick to say,  "I can design" your website but make no mistake, that is only one facet of being a webmaster.

    Note: Should you need assistance, I will only be a text message or phone call away.  I am in Hawaii, so my local clients can rest assured that their support is 24/7.  Your website won't miss a beat.


  • We will provide for your training needs?  If the changes needed to be made quicker, then I will step in and make it happen then follow-up with your training needs.

  • Besides telephone, texting and email support, we will use technology such as Skype for video conferences to help with communications.

  • Billy G resides in Hawaii so your support will be in the same time zone as you.

  • Your website is a 24/7 direct representation of your business.  It speaks, to anyone and everyone about your businesses products and services even while you are asleep.  This has huge implications if your business is global, touching many time zones.

  • Your website should always reside in a cloud (at some remote location on the internet) This way, you avoid what we experts refer to as a "single point of failure"

    Small business owners may be inclined to run their website on their own server in their home office, or they may know a friend who has a home IT business.  However, when you see the benefits the cloud can provide, you will understand why it's a bad idea.


    • The cloud provides redundancy in servers, If your server goes down, they will restore your website on a different server.

    • The cloud provides for redundancy in power as all commercial server locations are equipped with emergency power.

    • The cloud provides for network redundancy should the Internet service fail, these guys have more than one provider serving their network needs.

    • The cloud will provide backup services so you'll always have an emergency copy of your website should there be a catastrophic failure.

    • The cloud provider makes provisions for catastrophes by fire.

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