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Christian Sound Ministry

     The ability to Worship and engineer Sound are gifts given to me by our Lord and I relish the opportunity to use these skills to help others in the church.  Here is a list of services I can provide upon request.


  1. Meeting with musicians and worship team to discuss our primary mission in the church making sure that our hearts and minds are for our Lord's purpose.

  2. Teaching all about the role of each member and how we should properly respect each other as we work towards the goal of preparing the church to receive the gospel. Discussion on striving for that perfect blend of music and voices that will put the church into readiness.

  3. What to do and not do on stage to make the soundman's job easier.  

    1. How to hold your microphones to your lips. 

    2. The stage setup with amplifiers, drumsets, etc. 

    3. Placement of floor monitors and respecting them to minimize feedback.

  4. Soundman - Hardley noticed until something goes wrong

    1. How to set proper levels for musicians vs vocalists

    2. How loud is too loud (for the monitors and main speakers)

    3. Setting proper levels, equalization, compression etc. 

    4. How to troubleshoot sound issues.

Don't hesitate to contact me for assistance 

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