DJ Music and Lights,  Sound Systems for your event are all here.  From small parties to large events, let us know your needs and we will definitely provide the equipment you need. Get a Quote

DJ Sound & Lights

Imagine your guests arriving at your event greeted by familiar music fitting for the occasion,  then dinner music and finally the dancing.  We can do this for you.


Birthdays, from 1 year to 80+ years old - We control the music and loudness making sure we don't blow anyone away.

Graduations, Weddings, any event that needs music.

We are completely flexible making sure you are 100% satisfied with us.

Provide your own song list and we'll make sure you have the music you like

We'll provide hook up's for a smartphone, iPod etc., allowing individuals to play the music they might have on them.

Our portable state of the are LED DJ lighting will put your guests in the mood to party.  Get a Quote

DJ and Sound System

Sometimes just having a DJ play the music is just not enough, because you'll have some hula show and some live musicians too.  This is where we excel because most DJ's won't be able to support your live performers for lack of equipment and expertise in proper equalization and balance of the stage performers.  We can do it all for one affordable price   Get a Quote

Unko BillyGs Sound System

If your requirement is just for a sound system because you have a number of performances to show, then we have all the equipment you need:


  • Our loudspeaker system is the very best Bose F1 812 Subwoofer and Top installed on the left and right sides of the stage.  Each of the four speakers can deliver 1000 watts of pure energy in sound for a full 4000 watts.

  • Our floor monitors are the Base S1 Professional Speakers which can be run on battery power. 

  • We have 8 wireless microphones and many more wired ones.

  • Provisions for hooking up more musicians then we'll find at a normal event.

  • Stage performers will have floor monitors so that they can hear themselves on stage

  • A dual CD player and/or iPhone/iPod hookup will be provided for any programmed music to be played for your performers.

  • A hook-up can be provided for your slideshow projector as well.  Get a Quote

Sound Speaker Systems


Sound System and Soundman

Perhaps you only need a Sound System and a Soundman to run it for your band or a project that will include multiple bands and entertainers.  Yes, we can provide the complete sound system and the sound engineer to run it.  We also have a backline of equipment you may need for your project.  Get a Quote

There is nothing better than a soundman who is a musician.  I am very active on the mixing console insuring that the lead vocalist is louder that the vocalists in the background.  I'm sure to increase the volume of the lead instrument during his/her takes and to put it back to a blend. Get a Quote

We minimize our presence to the stage area during the event maximizing the space available for setting up your needs.  The sound man does not need to set up a mixing booth in front of the stage and run long wires on the ground that could hamper those walking about.  Get a Quote