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Spare Equipment is a Must to Meet Customer Expectations

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The worst thing you would expect to happen at any event is for some major piece of equipment failure that dead in the water. It is a must to have a redundancy of equipment available for such emergencies.

I have a 16 channel analog mixing as well as a 16 channel digital mixer as a backup for our Mackie DL32R digital mixer. We carry at least (3) iPads to control the mixer. Musicians with iPhones can be set up to control their own monitor mix. Speakers aren't as big of an issue as they can be assigned as FOH (Front of House), Monitors, as well as side, fills and as remote speakers. We even carry a spare Wifi modem that connects the iPads to the mixer.

Your DJ, Sound and Light needs can be met here at

Unko BillyG Ukuleleiest and Vocalist

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