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The Advantages of Remote Controlling Your Sound board (mixer)

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

You've seen the traditional sound-man setup with the mixer located some 75-100 feet out in the audience, facing the stage. A connector box for the microphones and instruments put on the stage, bringing all the connections to the mixer. That cable, called a snake, is bulky, heavy and prone to faulty connections after prolonged use. My digital mixer sits at the back of the stage and all connections are made to it, including the signal outputs to the main and monitor speakers. Now that's hassle free. Being in front of the stage is the best place to be when adjusting sound for the audience. But here's the kicker... where should the sound man be to adjust the sound of the performers on the stage? He certainly can't tell if the vocalist needs more highs and less mids, sitting 75 feet away. That is a major issue because if the performers aren't satisfied with their monitor mix than the audience may not be satisfied with the performance.

My Mackie DL32R will support up to 11 ipads/iphones connected to it so a friend could mix the front of house, to lend a hand if needed. Now that I use a digital mixer with wireless control, I won't go back to using an analog mixer and the bulky ole snake.

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