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Sound Advice - Equalization Settings Affects Monitors and Main Speakers

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

As a sound man, my mission is to ensure that the sound equalization of the onstage monitor mix is tweaked to the expectations of the musicians and vocalists so that they will perform as best they can.

Once the guitar, bass and other instruments are set, the equalizer controls should never be touched for two reasons. #1 Once the performance starts the sound man won't be able to hear the impact of any changes made to the monitor speakers, #2 Changing the equalization to improve the main speaker output will cause the equalizer of the stage monitors to change, impacting the performers.

So how does the sound man refine the equalization to the main speakers without changing the equalizer of the on-stage monitors? By simply using the multi-band equalization faders assigned to the main speaker system, not the monitors.

If your mixer doesn’t have an onboard band EQ you can purchase an outboard unit from your music store or get a mixer that has one.

Of course, all the details you’ve learned about here are all not needed if you don’t have any stage monitors present.

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