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A Good Sound Mix is a Blend of Frequencies from the Stage Monitors and Main Speakers - Yes, a Blend.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

As mentioned in the previous blog article, the sound man's job is to ensure that the stage musicians and vocalist are happy with the way they sound in the stage monitor system. This will ensure its best performance.

Ideally, we want the monitors to be just loud enough that its sounds would only be heard by the people on the stage, giving you full control all of the sound mix. For example, if the guitar player is too loud on the stage, then his volume will carry out to the audience and the sound man will have no way adjusting the volume of the guitarist. Then, of course, the mix will be compromised.

The sound of the monitor speakers, as heard from the audience, will carry a lot of lows and middle frequencies but very little high frequencies. It is the higher frequencies that make vocals and speech sound crisp and easy to understand.

Once we realize that he monitor mix we are hearing from the audience is as quiet as it can be, we find that we will only need to add some highs to the main mix and everything will be well.

Remember that there are some tricks you need to know about equalizing the stage monitors and then the main speakers. See this page

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