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The New Bose S1 Professional Speaker

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

For many years I've used non-Bose speaker systems. They worked okay for me for the time until the day I invested in the Bose F1 812 Speakers System.. Then I wondered why it took me so long to make the switch. Like night and day, one cannot find any gear that surpasses that of the Bose engineers amazing ability to make sound so delicious.

Recently, I invested in the new Bose S1 Professional speakers that were released in 2018 and Bose has done another terrific job. I remember standing in front of my Peavy main speakers measuring its output at 97 db., and these are specked out at 103 or 109 dB. Very impressive and very loud. Equipped with three inputs, 2 combination XLR & 1/4" inputs, Low and Hi EQ, and reverb. Both equipped with the famous Bose Tone Match settings for acoustic guitar and microphone. The 3rd input is on Bluetooth. Presently the Bluetooth feature will not support sending to two separate speakers on a stereo base. BillyG's DJ and Live Sound Services Deploy this amazing technology.

Bose S1 Professional PA Speaker

I used them, for the first time, at our Christian outreach in Kalaeloa and they worked flawlessly. I purposely left them exposed to the direct sunlight to see if they would shut down due to the hot summer sun here in Hawaii and they performed well without failure. I had two of these speakers on the ground in front of us as monitors. I since purchased two for a total of four to be used as my floor monitors.

Also great for "busking" on the sidewalks of Waikiki

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