• William aka BillyG Gomban Jr

A Wireless Microphone for your iPhone

I wanted to do this in order to capture a strong audio of my voice no matter how far the iPhone was from my lips. And this is how I did it. My clip on mic can go directly into my iPhone with its TRRS plug. However I needed to use an adapter to change the TRRS to TRS before plugging it into a MPOW blue tooth transmitter.

On the iPhone side I uses a TRS to TRS cable to connect my Bluetooth receiver, unify by Roverbeats, to the iPhone adapter for my iPhone 7+.

On a side note the MPOW Bluetooth unit can either be a transmitter or a receiver where as the Unify unit by RoverBeats is receive only. I’ll look to if the MOPOW solution is still available.

Need help ask me at www.unkobillyg.com on www.FB.me/unkobillyg

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