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DJ Plus means DJ + Sound Support

We provide equipment to support your live entertainment needs

The Plus in DJ Plus is a key thing to remember because it means we’ve got 8 wireless microphones and more instrument hookup you‘ll ever need for party or event. We can support the connection needs for up to six musicians and singers if needed. Regular DJ’s won’t have the gear to support your Live entertainment.

Tell your entertainers that they don’t need to worry, you already have the Bose Sound System waiting for them. Further, they may like the idea of not having to bring all their personal gear. We have what is called a "backline" of stage equipment which includes: Bass Amplifier, Roland TD-4 Electronic Drum Set, A Keyboard, Ovation Concert Tenor Ukulele (Low G).

So it's a no brainer if you need a DJ but you need sound support for the bands and relatives to play during the night, Give us a Call.

We are BillyG's Event Services - DJ - Sound and light - UnkoBillyG Ukuleleist Vocalist.

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