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How Does Unko BillyG Know What Music to Play?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Unko Billy G has to contend with this 60 million dollar question. With millions of listening and dancing songs out there, it is important that we play the right music for your event.

Choosing the right Music for your Event is Essential

How do we accomplish that? It's quite simple. We will ask you to provide a list of 50-60 songs that you would like to hear. I will be sure to find the music you want and have it ready to go to your event. The list will provide the Artist and Song Names.

Secondarily, I will provide a tiny mixer with two 1/8th inch phono plugs for connection smartphones and other music players to the Bose system. People will be able to connect and become a DJ for the moment.

Note that it usually isn't a bother listing music used to play in the background because I usually scan the audience and choose music based on age and its makeup.

The music list could be comprised of songs for background and/or dinner set and songs suitable for the dance party.


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