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New Hope Leeward West shore Outreach Plays in 432 Hz instead 440 Hz.

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

We have tuned our "A" note from 440 Hz to 432 Hz. Which is a slightly lower tone but still the A note on the piano. Why did we do this? Because there is evidence that originally all music was played in 432 Hz., even in biblical times. It was a Nazi who changed it to put music out of tune with nature.Today, quantum scientists believe that all things in nature is made up of waves in different frequencies. The difference between sound, light, cooking microwaves and lasers is the frequency of the waves that its made up of. Everything in life is either energy or matter (in waves). Search YouTube for more information that supports this.

There is a story of a music major who did a 20 year study on what really sounded better 440 hz or 432 hz. in music. The results were in favor of 432? So how did 440 hz become standard? The final vote to that to happen world wide was done by not inviting those in favor of 432 hz. Something fishy huh? I think so.

Since the mission of the worship team is to prepare the church to receive the gospel. I felt that 432 hz would on enhance our efforts.,

Your DJ, Sound and Light needs can be met here at

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