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Wedding Sounds Outside

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

It’s a beautiful thing to have Guitarist playing softly during your wedding ceremony out near the ocean or in a botanical garden. However, a few obstacles would include not having AC power for a small sound system. That's where the Bose S1 Professional speakers come to the rescue. Each speaker is battery operated and will run for six hours. It has Bluetooth that can be used to connect. to an iPhone to play your wedding song and two ports for connecting two microphones, two guitars or instruments, or one if each. Just imagine ...

The image below is so that you can see how small the speakers are. They can actually be placed on a table or even on the ground so as not to interfere with the ambiance of the moment. We have four of these Bose S1 Pros, enough for any size ceremony. They are also suitable for small parties.

Your DJ, Sound and Light needs can be met here at

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