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Dealing with Pearls from Tahiti, wholesale and retail.  A live website when viewed on the desktop computer, the ocean waves will crash on the shore and the water will run up to you.  This is only captured on the desktop view, static on the smartphone view.


A live website with the palm trees blowing in the wind and clouds flowing in the background. This Amateur Radio website belongs to a new ARC (Amateur Radio Club) in Hawaii.  Amateur Radio Operators are emergency communication providers for our community during major disasters.

Georges Aviation

You will be flying in the clouds as you view this website on your desktop.   This project was started as a rescue for a company whose webmaster was no longer reachable. Webmasters are not only required to create websites but they must be able to work with the Internet Technical department hosting the website. Not all websites end up in this kind of situation however one must be prepared to do so.

Note the images on this website are riddled with the moire effect as I had simply taken some screenshots for the purpose of display. We are in process of getting the latest images available to display on this website.

New Hope Leeward West Shore Outreach

New Hope Leeward is a Christian Fellowship Church with its head office in Kapolei, Oahu HI. The West Shore Outreach is a team comprised of church volunteers who serve the people on the West Shore of Oahu. Many are homeless, needing God's word, comfort, and fellowship.

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