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Asking  30,000 OBO  <72k miles
Special Pricing for Church and Non-Profits
Call / Text  BillyG @ 808-295-4599

I purchased this Sprinter van with the hopes to install a wheelchair lift for my wife, Verna. Unfortunately, we could not have it done as a retrofit for the Sprinter. 

So I'm selling it after purchasing it about a month ago.  


Nothing beats a high-top van when it comes to using this sprinter for Touring, Family Fun, Mobile Cafe, etc.  It's nice to be able to stand up in it. 

All though it's 2007 it has less than 70K miles and it has a gasoline engine that is running well with quick starting and lots of power.


The steering is tight with no play that causes a sway when driving. 


The air conditioning for the front and cabin space is working well. 

There are new tires and bose speakers on the overhead upfront.  An amplifier is included but it needs a microphone and needs to be tested. 


Brakes are Good,  Title, Vehicle Registration, and Safety Check Good

All seats are in very good condition with no rips or worn-out covers, all seat belts tested and chairs removed to ensure proper mounting 

Some minor issues with some plastic components within. Right side mirror with some minor wear but still useable. Replacement parts are still available online. 


Take a test drive and you'll see what I mean.  The four tires are new and the air conditioning runs cold front and back. 

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