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Unko BillyG Pricing Options

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Unko BillyG Entertainment Options


Pricing Elements 


Option A: DJ & BackGround Music Only 

Includes emcee microphone, CD and smartphone hookup for guest entertainment  Starting from $200


Option B: Soloist Unko BillyG On Tenor Ukulele and styling vocals only. Great for dining or just a spot on your program.  Starting from $150


Option C: Bose System Sound Support for a Band(s)

Sound engineer, Mixer, Microphones and instrument hookups for your other entertainers at your event. Microphones for an acoustic drum set and other percussions also available. Starting from $150 


Your event may wish a combination of options above.  We will formulate a price based on your needs.

First Step: For starters please provide the following demographics:

  • Total Number expected?

  • Total hours for the event?

  • Age group of your guests?

  • What is your budget? 

  • Send me your email address for a quote response



Bose Sound System

We use the finest in sound gear, the Bose  F1 812 Sound System that can easily handle a large outdoor event as well.  We have up to 9 wireless microphones and can accommodate instrument hookups for your live entertainers. 


This way they won’t be required to bring their own sound system as you already have the best.  Honestly, they will remember the sound may be as much as the food. 


Additional Stage Gear

Unko BillyG has the following band equipment available for rental during the event as well. 

  • Bass Amplifier

  • Bass Guitar

  • Tenor Ukulele by Ovation (Low G)

  • Tenor Ukulele by Kala (Low G)

  • Electronic Keyboard 66 keys Yamaha

  • Electronic Drum Set by Roland (TD-4)

  • Pair of Congas

  • Cajon

Generator Power

  • We are equipped with generator power should your event be without commercial power.

  • Honda 2000 watts inverter generator

  • Honda 3000 watts inverter generator


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